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Resolve Customer Service Manager, your new experience in ‘live’ updates on all your Maintenance & Reactive Tasks.

Resolve offers a unique and live view of all your jobs, current and old. With Resolve you can check the status of any job at any time, and all parties are constantly kept in the loop.

You can view the status of the job/task, from when it was raised, assigned, if the engineer is ‘on route’, ‘on site’ or if the issue is ‘resolved’, All you have to do is just log in.

All our engineers use this ‘New’ and ‘Unique’ System, and they have access via their ‘Smart Phones’ where they update the job as they are doing it!


Resolve offers a new era in customer service and relations, with an ‘Open Book’ approach to jobs.

It enables immediate updates on all jobs, as everyone is using the same system.....LIVE!

Resolve brings these benefits to you :

- View all your jobs in one place.

- ‘LIVE’ updates on all jobs, as they are being done.

- Full history of jobs per site.

- Access to Copy Documentation.

- Comprehensive job notes each date and time ‘stamped’.

- Ability to log your own jobs.

- Report Generation.

- Access to Quote History.

With Resolve we are moving towards a paperless business, and ultimately reducing carbon footprints.

Resolve has been designed with one main aim ‘improved efficiency’ for everyone, as our ‘time in motion’ studies have proved that communication is the key, and this NEW ‘Customer Service Manager’ streamlines this, giving you the information you need at your fingertips.